Vilmorin-Mikado Carrots Serve Global Marketplace

Vilmorin-Mikado - 22 Apr 2021

Vilmorin-Mikado leverages its longstanding position and well-developed carrot varieties to serve markets in more than 100…

Yuma Leafy Showcase 2021

Event - 30 Mar 2021



This past week Vilmorin North America held a Leafy showcase in Yuma, AZ.  We had around 13 different customers view our…

Survey: How Do You Buy and Eat Carrots?

Vilmorin-Mikado - 17 Mar 2021


We all know carrots are excellent for health. But do you consume them?


Research Master Station Development Forges Ahead

Vilmorin-Mikado - 24 Sep 2021

Vilmorin North America has not let COVID slow down it's development of a new Research Breeding facility located in Gilroy, CA. 


Spotlight on Brassica

Vilmorin-Mikado - 22 Jan 2021

"As one of the driving forces in the North American brassica market, Vilmorin-Mikado, is proud to offer an extensive line of…

VNA Community Outreach

Vilmorin-Mikado - 06 Oct 2020



We at Vilmorin have partnered with Master Gardener Program…

Vilmorin-Mikado on their leafy range adapted to hydroponic cultivation

Vilmorin-Mikado - 20 Nov 2020

Vilmorin-Mikado on their leafy range adapted to hydroponic cultivation

"More companies are looking for…

Yuma September 2020

Vilmorin-Mikado - 17 Sep 2020

Yuma continues to put safety first as they begin their season.  With all the challenges presented, we take pride in having our employees work…

2020 Show Case, Salinas

Event - 27 Aug 2020


Because of the Covid19 situation this year no real open days here in California,but a showcase with visits of small groups on appointment…

Vilmorin-Mikado Thanks You

Vilmorin-Mikado - 18 May 2020


A big Thank you to our clients from Vilmorin-Mikado employees


Vilmorin-Mikado employees warmly thank all seeds dealers…