Research Master Station Development Forges Ahead


Vilmorin North America has not let COVID slow down it's development of a new Research Breeding facility located in Gilroy, CA. 


The main function of a breeding station is to provide full support and space for key breeding programs. Within VNA, these programs are lettuce, greens and cauliflower. A station also provides long term support and an opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art technology associated with the greenhouse environment. The goal is to have a strong research facility with the ability to grow and provide a base for our research department along with a solid foundation for the VNA team.


The first stage of our breeding station project will provide the research staff with a 10,000sq.ft. space dedicated to improving seed extraction and seed storage. This first stage of construction will also provide enough office space to encourage collaboration and interaction between the research teams.

The first stage is scheduled to be completed by June of 2021.

Gilroy building development is progressing with additional paneling of exterior and the continuation of work on the interior.  Landscaping is going in and the exterior is nearly complete.

The second phase of the project will be focusing on the greenhouse complex. This will support and provide resources to our breeding programs in lettuce, greens, and cauliflower.

The development of the Gilroy breeding station reflects the strong commitment & beliefs  from Vilmorin Mikado  toward the future of our Leafy and Brassica programs  dedicated mainly for the North America market.

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