Present already in the US/Canada market since 1980, Vilmorin-Mikado USA has always shown an intense effort in the continuous search for innovation throughout the N-American territory to get you better results, higher yields and better quality. Worldwide Vilmorin-Mikado is one of the main protagonists in carrot, leafy, tomato and pepper crops. Whether you are a farmer, nurseryman, shipper, dealer or any other key actor in the horticultural sector, Vilmorin-Mikado's innovation is at your service.

It responds to the needs of today's and tomorrow's market, the multi-brand partnership strategy of the Limagrain group (of which Vilmorin-Mikado is a part) allows the distribution of the range of the other business units. For this reason, the Japanese Mikado Kyowa Seed and Clause brassicas has been added to the Vilmorin-Mikado USA product portfolio. All this allows us to offer a much wider and diversified varieties, which includes over 120 varieties of 20 different species for the professional and hobby sector. Very recent acquisitions by our group of other breeding programs will only bring you more and better products.