Shakaris F1
Shakaris F1

Shakaris F1

Dual purpose: processing and fresh market with a bright white curd

Early maturity 80-85 days

Erect plant growing habit

High Yield Potential


  • Early maturity 80 to 85 days, according to the growing period

  • Foliage

    • Medium to strong with a good curd self-covering

    • Erected habit

    • Blue- green color

  • Curd

    • Dome to round shape

    • White color

    • Grouped maturity allowing finishing the harvest with 2 cuts
    • Well adapted for late summer to early autumn harvest
  • Sowing: June - July
  • Transplanting: July - August
  • Harvest: September - November


Early maturity 80-85 days

Erect plant growing habit

Main characteristic 3
<p>High Yield Potential</p>


The genetic resistances are not dispensed from prophylactic measures to be used as an addition. Our recommendations, suggestions, growing cycles and maturity information are only indicative and based on our own observations and our general experience. They are not contractual and they do not necessarily imply a successful harvest and/or result. The success of the cultivation also depends on factors non-related with the seed.