Great uniform color



Red Mustard

Good texture

Rapid growth

Dark red color throughout


  • This red mustard is a tremendous improvement over Red Giant becuase it develops a more uniform, darker red color on the leaf surface and underside like Red Giant.
  • Its attractive oval leaves with scalloped margins and good texture are ideal for baby leaf salads.
  • Its mild mustard flavor and rapid growth rate are similar to that of Red Giant.
  • Ideal for microgreens due to early color development.

Vilmorin is a brand of the Business Unit Vilmorin-Mikado. The genetic resistances are not dispensed from prophylactic measures to be used as an addition. Our recommendations, suggestions, growing cycles and maturity information are only indicative and based on our own observations and our general experience. They are not contractual and they do not necessarily imply a successful harvest and/or result. The success of the cultivation also depends on factors non-related with the seed.